Megan Thee Stallion’s New Video Brilliantly Takes on Her Detractors


Megan Thee Stallion’s latest video, which hit Youtube just after midnight eastern on Friday, June 11, brilliantly takes down the conservative scolds who tried to come after her for songs like “WAP” and “Body.” 

While Meg works the phones, we see an old white boss type, perhaps a state senator or CEO, type a prudish comment online, chastising the rapper for daring to celebrate their own sexuality. Well, that’s what he’s doing with one hand. With the other, he unzips his pants and prepares to masturbate, presumably to the very video he supposedly finds so offensive. Sounds about right.

But before he can get off, Megan calls to tell him off: “Look, motherf-cker, the women that you accidentally tryna step on, are everybody that you depend on. They treat your diseases, they cook your meals, they haul your trash, they drive your ambulances, they guard you while you sleep. They control every part of your life. Do not f-ck with them.” Megan Thee Stallion Thee Truth-teller!

For the rest of the video, things go full 9 to 5 as Megan and her dancers twerk all over the city, performing their jobs while being ferocious and sexy and taking revenge on the man who tried to put them down. Because there’s nothing about having a voluptuous figure that means you don’t get business done!

I will warn you that the very end of this video is a little NSFW. Let’s just put it this way: The thing you did not see in That Lorde Picture is something you will see here, and in an unexpected location. 

The video also has references for film buffs! That finger in the bathtub moment is a recreation of a famous shot from The Nightmare On Elm Street, in which Freddy Krueger’s claw inches toward a relaxing young woman. But this time, the claw is a nail and the victim had it coming. Can’t wait to read the comments section.


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