Mark Ruffalo ‘Hated’ This Part of ’13 Going on 30′ So Much, He Almost Dropped Out


One of the most iconic scenes in 13 Going on 30 is the “Thriller” dance number with Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo. In it, Garner‘s character, Jenna Rink, leads her entire office party in the Michael Jackson choreography—including Ruffalo’s character, Matty. As fun as the scene is to watch, Garner says the rehearsals weren’t as fun. Mark Ruffalo had such a difficult time with it, in fact, that he considered dropping out of the movie entirely.

“We started to learn the dance. Our first rehearsal, I think it was Mark and Judy [Greer] and me, and Judy and I were both dancers growing up, and poor Mark didn’t know that,” Garner says in a video for theSkimm

She then added with a laugh, “And he came in and he hated the rehearsal process so much, he almost dropped out.” 

Garner and Ruffalo recently reunited on the set of their new movie, The Adam Project. The costars will play love interests again in the sci-fi film. When asked what it’s like to work with Ruffalo again, Garner had nothing but positive things to say.

“It was wonderful,” she said on Good Morning America. “We were playing a married couple and we just had this instant comfort and obviously there’s just such a connection and a warmth. It was actually a really beautiful experience to revisit that relationship.”

She also mentioned that she reconnected with her other 13 Going on 30 costar, Judy Greer. (Greer played her frenemy, Lucy.) “We saw each other right before I saw Mark, so I was able to kind of pass messages back and forth,” Garner added. “It was really fun.”

When it comes to what her character, Jenna, would be doing now, Garner joked that’d she “still have some 13-year-old in her,” before adding, “but, oh, gosh, I have to go back and watch this movie. It’s so fun!”

That, it is!


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