Mandy Moore Accessorized at the Emmys With a Breast Pump

Mandy Moore walked the red carpet on Sunday night at the 2021 Emmys in a stunning scarlet gown from Carolina Herrera, a bold red lip, and excellent bangs. But her best accessory: a breast pump. 

Moore and her husband Taylor Goldsmith welcomed their first child—August Harrison Goldsmith—in February. Moore is the star of This Is Us, which is nominated for an Emmy for Best Drama. On Sunday she posted an image of a breast pump to her Instagram story with the caption, “Tonight’s MVP accessory.” 

Moore has been beautifully transparent about the intimate moments of becoming a new mom. In August she wrote on Instagram, “Breastfeeding is not always smooth sailing (clogged ducts, timing life around feedings, pumping for when I’m at work, etc… ) but nursing this baby boy for the past nearly 6 months has been a beautiful, messy and an oh so rewarding experience I will treasure forever.” 

It’s powerful to watch famous women use their platforms to normalize something that should be very, very normal: breastfeeding. Just a few days ago, Broad City star Ilana Glazer took a break from co-hosting the red carpet at the Met gala to breast pump. In April, Amanda Seyfried joked that she pumped as her personal Oscars “after-party.” And Cardi B breastfed in the music video for “Money.” 

Mandy Moore attends the Emmy Awards on Sunday, Sept. 19.CBS Photo Archive

Even with high-profile women working to de-stigmatize, regular women are shamed for pumping and breastfeeding and just generally being moms with full-time jobs all the time. Parenting and feeding a child is stressful enough. Mandy Moore has spent years making us laugh, making us cry, making us think about that one scene in The Princess Diaries when Anne Hathaway stabs her with an ice cream cone. It’s pretty cool to see her bring her trademark vulnerability to being a mom, too. 

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