Madelyn Cline Uses This $32 Bronzer to Get Her Signature Sun-Kissed Glow


It’s official: Madelyn Cline, Chase Stokes, and the rest of the Outer Banks cast are back in another season of treasure hunting, love triangles, and enviable boating trips around the Southeast. Yes, season two of this buzzy Netflix drama is finally here, and Cline couldn’t be more thrilled. “It’s a heightened version of season one,” she tells me on the phone from Greece, where she’s currently filming her next project, Knives Out 2

That’s a long way from Charleston, South Carolina, where Outer Banks is filmed, and from Los Angeles, her home base, but she’s doing her best to bring home to the set. On hand the actor has her favorite bronzer from MAC, which she credits for giving her a sun-kissed glow when she can’t, ya know, spend the day in the actual sun. She no doubt has some of the other products she mentioned during our chat for Glamour’s Your Fave’s Faves

Read on for the self-care products, snacks, and shoes that help Madelyn Cline feel her best. 

The last thing I bought

This exfoliating toner by Biologique Recherche. It’s called Lotion P50 1970. It has absolutely changed the game for the acne that’s been popping up from masks

Salts for the bath. I really love the salts from a brand called Costa Brazil. They’re really thick crystals and smell absolutely incredible. Also, candles from Voyage et Cie in the scent Malibu. I love a good bath, especially one with candles.

Sal de Banho Bath Salt by Costa Brazil

The beauty product that completes any look

Any sort of bronzer or blush. Right now I’m really loving that dewy, spent-the-day-out-in-the-sun, sun-kissed look. I’m currently using MAC’s Matte Bronzing Powder.

MAC Cosmetics Matte Bronzing Powder

My favorite app

Oh, God. Probably Postmates.

The shoes I’m living in these days

Currently, my classic checkered black-and-white Vans. They’re the high-top ones with the little platform. I’m really loving patterns recently. That’s a new development for me.

The jeans style I’m all about

I absolutely live for jeans with extremely wide legs. I’m not talking bell bottoms. I’m talking super, super wide legs. Like, painter’s pants. High-waisted and super, super baggy with pockets in weird places. In my everyday life, I like to wear baggy or loose-fitting clothes because I prefer to be comfortable.

This summer I’ve been living in swimsuits from a brand called Aro. I just did a collab with them, and they’re super comfortable. They’re all sustainably made fabrics and just the comfiest swimsuits I’ve ever worn. I usually go for a sporty cut or a classic skimpy triangle. I don’t like weird tan lines!

I’ve been catching up on the new season of Dirty John. I’m, like, two or three episodes in. I thought the first season was so good. I initially listened to the podcast and had my doubts, but then I watched the show, and it was incredible. I love true crime.

The workout music that gets me going

It depends on the day. Some days it’s hip-hop. If I’m wanting to do a boxing workout or something to get frustration out, I’ll probably put on music that makes me feel super badass. If I’m doing cardio, I’ll go to a playlist that’s remixes of songs. So, like, MGMT, maybe some Marshmallow, or Breathe Carolina.

The snacks I’m getting when I’m at the movies again

I’m never not going to go for Sour Patch Kids. Sour Patch Watermelons, specifically. I know they’re a touchy subject, but I love them. Sometimes they taste like lotion, but I’m okay with that. I really miss popcorn that’s just salty and buttery. I love to sometimes mix it with hot Cheetos. Also, I miss those little chocolate-covered cookie dough bites. Those are amazing.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Christopher Rosa is the entertainment editor at Glamour. Follow him on Instagram @chris.rosa92.


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