Lucy Hale Dyed Her Hair Lemon-Honey Blond For Spring


If there’s one celebrity who constantly serves as short hair goals, it’s Lucy Hale. Seriously, hairstylists all over the country must be getting tired of clients bringing in photos of the Pretty Little Liars star for reference. Well, too bad, because she just changed it up again, so it’s time to set up those appointments.

The famous brunette started lightening her dark hair in February and went even blonder this March, but her latest transformation may be the lightest—and brightest—she’s ever been. On April 12, Hale debuted her new lemon-honey blond hair, captioning the selfie with the emojis to match! 

“🍋🍯✂️,” the Katy Keene actor wrote. “(Thanks a bunch @johnclarkhaircolour / @jonnyeagland / @johnfriedauk .)”

Going from dark to light hair is a long game, but Hale isn’t the only celeb to make the transition in recent weeks: Singer Billie Eilish also took the plunge this March. Like Hale, who gradually went lighter and lighter, Eilish revealed her process took six weeks

As for Lucy Hale’s haircut, it seems the actor is making her way through all of our favorite chops of 2021. For the past few months, Hale has been rocking an outgrown bob, a perfectly versatile look for those who want to go short but not too short. Her new cut, which stylist Jonny Eagland describes as “undone and full of texture,” fits better in the little bob category. As the name makes clear, the little bob is a sharper, shorter look that lays close to the jawline.

For reference, here is what Lucy’s hair looked like before:

Honestly, either of these looks would be perfect for the warm spring and summer months ahead. 

On the polar opposite end of the spectrum, many celebs are going for XXL hair look right now. You know, the impossibly long and glam locks that are often referred to as mermaid hair. Recently, a platinum blond Anya Taylor-Joy, who also keeps her brows a few shades darker, rocked the look at the 2021 Golden Globes

So, which is more your style: to the jaw or to the floor? Either way, Glamour has you covered. Click here for endless inspo and advice


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