Lizzo Just Tried the Money-Piece Hair Trend, and It Looks So Good

It’s been a little over nine years since I dyed my hair with the über-trendy ombré hair-coloring technique. Let’s be real: It was 2012, and everyone was getting their hair dyed in this eclectic combination of red and blonde. Since then, I have sworn to never color my hair again after experiencing some major breakage on my ends—but after seeing Lizzo get some blonde money-piece highlights, I may have to take back what I said.  

The singer shared a two-part photo carousel of her subtle hair-color transformation on December 10 with the caption “It-girl era activities.” There’s no question that Lizzo already is the It girl, but she really amplified her It-girl status by tapping into money pieces, a hair-color trend that is dominating HairTok. 

Luckily, we can all become an It girl because colorist Natalia Romaniuc of Windle London previously told Glamour U.K. that money-piece highlights “really can suit everyone, whether you’re a warm blonde or a deep, cool, chocolate brown.”

This hair-coloring technique is also perfect for those (like me) who are afraid of potential postcolor hair breakage. Money pieces involve coloring only those face-framing layers “a color three to four shades brighter [than your natural hair color],” per Romaniuc’s expertise, so there’s need to fret about getting dry ends everywhere. 

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But money pieces add more than just color to one’s mane. Romaniuc said they also help enhance “your own base hair color,” along with “accentuating your facial features” and bringing some light to your face. 

Thanks to Lizzo (and TikTok), my fears of getting my hair dyed again have been slightly quelled. Overcoming my hesitations toward coloring my hair is only half the battle, which means making that hair-coloring appointment is another anxious affair that I have yet to face. As to when that day will come is ultimately determined by my anxiety. 

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