Lizzo Just Handled a TikTok Wardrobe Malfunction Like an Absolute Pro


The show must go on—or in Lizzo’s case, the TikTok.

On August 26, Lizzo took to the app to celebrate the success of her hit single, “Rumors,” featuring Cardi B. “I JUST FOUND OUT I HAVE THE #1 RAP SONG ON THE BILLBOARD HIPHOP CHARTS,” she captioned an epically choreographed video with a group of backup dancers. Lizzo looked amazing, wearing her “Fake Boobs” bodysuit and a pair of massive diamond hoop earrings. 

However, about halfway through Lizzo’s routine to Cardi’s verse, one of those earrings was knocked right off. Instead of stopping and re-recording the video—it was just a TikTok, after all—Lizzo just kept it moving. The video already has 3 million views and well over 500K likes. Lizzo continued the caption, “BEZZTIES WHAT WE EATIN? AND WHY CAN’T I KEEP A EARRING ON?” 

With 18.2 million followers on the app, Lizzo has become one of the most notable Hollywood A-listers consistently posting on the app and she’s been hyping up her new record for weeks by engaging with her fan’s own posts. 

One of our favorites was her duet of a fan who rendered an image of what Lizzo and Chris Evans’ child might look like. In the video, Lizzo reacts to the finished image by posing with a fake baby bump. “WAIT A DAMN MIN,” she wrote in the caption

Lizzo started the Chris Evans baby discourse in July after sharing their drunken and flirty Instagram DMs on TikTok. She later posted a baby announcement video with music from Captain America playing in the background. “This is something that I’ve been really trying to keep personal and private between me and the father of my child, but since we’re airing out all the rumors today, I’ve been sucking in,” she says, cradling her fake bump. ” We’re gonna have a little America!” 

Thankfully, Lizzo shared Evans’ response to her post in another round of DMs. “Hi! Just heard about our little bundle of joy my mother will be so happy lol,” he messaged Lizzo. Honestly, we will never stop shipping this.


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