Lizzo Just Got a Blonde Pixie and Bleached Her Eyebrows


“Good as Hell” singer Lizzo just debuted a stunning new look, making her hair and eyebrows as blonde as the day is long.

In a picture posted to Instagram on June 28, the stylish star showed off her new, lighter brows and a blonde pixie that we suspect comes courtesy of a wig but can’t be sure. Either way, the look is gorgeous—and to complete it, she had makeup artist Alexx Mayo draw some fun dots on her face.

On his own page, Mayo revealed a glimpse of Lizzo’s brow-bleaching process: 

Lizzo has definitely been feeling the blonde lately. Just before she unveiled her bleached brows, she rocked long blonde hair while wearing a corset with her own face on it atop the Mona Lisa’s body. She wrote on Instagram, “🗣PUT ME IN THE LOUVRE HOE😤,” and also called the look “❤️‍🔥LIZZO LISA❤️‍🔥,” even though “Mona Lizzo” is right there. Come on!

ICYMI, the dramatic blonde transformation is taking over Hollywood. Billie Eilish went from her iconic black and green hair to fully platinum, and Selena Gomez has been playing with lighter shades too. Instagram, meanwhile, is promoting “sunrise blonde” as the color du jour, so maybe play around with a few filters before you commit. Or, you know what? Wigs. Get a wig!

Gigi Hadid, meanwhile, headed in the opposite direction. Though she usually keeps her look very California beach blonde, she recently debuted bright red hair. Her sister, Bella, is also going against the grain: Her hair is currently mocha chocolate (and very long). 

If anything, Lizzo’s blonde social media posts prove her online presence is the gift that keeps on giving. Whether she’s posting unedited photos of her naked body in the name of body positivity or her gloriously thirsty DMs with Chris Evans, her content is always 10/10. No notes!


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