Lizzo Calls Out ‘Fake Doctors’ for the B.S. Medical Advice They Give Fat Women


She’s right, and she should say it. Grammy-winning musician Lizzo is using her platform to remind everyone that, unless you are actually a doctor or nutritionist who’s worked with a patient/client personally, you don’t know their medical history, their genetics, or their health. So you can go ahead and keep your opinions on their body to yourself.

In late March the “Juice” singer posted a TikTok of herself shutting down the B.S. medical “experts” who tend to pop up in fat people’s comments, titling her message, “From one fat girl to y’all.”

In the TikTok, Lizzo says, “I just wanted to say I’ve seen a few of these videos about fat girls who eat healthy and stay active but can’t seem to lose weight. I think these videos are important whether they intend to lose weight or don’t…just to show that every single body is different.”

So true. You cannot tell a person’s health just by looking at them, and not everyone who eats “healthy” and exercises will lose weight. And that’s fine.

Lizzo continues in her TikTok post, “What really bothers me are the fake doctors in the comments saying, ‘Oh, you have this, you might have this condition.’ No! What if I’m just fat? What if this is just my body?” 

Again, a word: Fat people are not “before” pictures. They’re not works in progress to be improved upon. They’re valid as they are, and suggesting they must have some illness or underlying condition if their diet isn’t “working” isn’t just dangerously false; it’s downright rude. 

Reminding everyone that not every body is “designed to be slim with a six-pack,” Lizzo ended her video by saying, “If you’re feeling down on yourself today, just remember that your body is your body.” Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


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