Let’s Break Down Those Wild First Three Episodes of ‘Who Killed Sara?’ Season 2

Who was strangling Sara? Remember, whoever this person is was shot by César and buried in Alex’s backyard. After three episodes, we still don’t know who this is. Did we think the show was going to give up that info easily? We still don’t know who killed Sara, and that’s the title.

Mariana Lazcano

She murdered Elroy. In the hospital. After decades of abusing him. All to protect her supremely messed-up family. 

She knows César was the father of Sara’s baby. And she was disgusted. Wouldn’t you be too? In the present day, she lies to Alex (Manolo Cardona) and tells him the father was Nicandro. 

She also knows César is the father of his daughter-in-law Sofía’s baby. Rodolfo (Alejandro Nones), César’s son, admitted he had a vasectomy, which means he couldn’t be the father of his wife’s baby. Again, Mariana is disgusted—and again, wouldn’t you be? 

We also learn it was Mariana’s idea to have Alex take the fall for Sara’s death. Monster!


He’s back! Well, presumably. In the present day, we see a (very, very hot) man always walking one metaphorical step behind Alex. Context clues lead us to believe this is Nicandro, former friend of the Lazcanos, back to fuck shit up. That’s my literary analysis! 

His backstory. He also had a thing for Sara (surprise), comes from a rich family, and was very into drugs as a teenager. That’s all you need to know for now. 


Continues to be the worst human on the planet. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a more horrific fictional character on TV before? As mentioned earlier, he was the father of Sara’s baby and is the father of his current daughter-in-law’s baby. He wants Alex dead. And he’s running essentially a prostitution ring in his casino. Several of the women he and his partner, Sergio (Juan Carlos Remolina), abused have ended up dead. 

But Alex makes sure justice is served. He exposes Sergio and César for their crimes. Sergio’s arrested, and it’s heavily implied that César shoots himself, but we’re left on a cliffhanger. 


He and Elisa (Carolina Miranda) are dunzo. It only took Alex almost blowing up Elisa in an attempt to murder her father for this to happen. Anyway, she’s off to school, and Alex is still out for revenge against the Lazcanos for what they did to him. He’s also still so hot, but that’s another topic. 

Alex (Manolo Cardona)


Marifer (Litzy), Clara (Fátima Molina), Chema (Eugenio Siller), and Lorenzo (Luis Roberto Guzmán)

What a mess this is! Okay, so Chema and Lorenzo have asked Clara to carry their baby. She accepts, and soon we learn her intentions aren’t so pure. She’s in cahoots with her sister, Marifer—the girl Alex and Chema had a threesome with back in the day—on…something. All we know is that Marifer wants Clara to drive a wedge between Chema and Lorenzo and essentially break them up. After the two get in a fight about Chema’s family and take a few days to cool off, Clara uses this as an opportunity to swoop in, dress up as Lorenzo, and seduce Chema. He takes the bait. 

And then! Lorenzo walks in on them, flips out (naturally), and storms out of the room—only to be bombarded by Clara’s terrifying ex-boyfriend who’s essentially been stalking the three of them and demanding money. Chema then stabs said ex-boyfriend, leaving us with another dead body. The carnage!

Oh, also! Marifer and Alex bang in the present day. It never ceases to amaze me how these characters still have libido after experiencing so much crime and stress. 

Annnnd I’m out of breath. Honestly, maybe I do need a break before watching the next batch of episodes [is up until 3 a.m. watching them the second they’re available]. 

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