Let ‘Bridgerton’ Star Regé-Jean Page Lull You to Sleep With His New Calm App Story


Bridgerton star Regé-Jean Page is here to help you have the sexiest sleep of your life. While the Duke of Hastings is not going door to door like some sort of sexy Santa Claus to make sure you’re getting your eight hours in, he has signed on for the next best thing: a new sleep story for the Calm app. 

Although the actor will sadly not be returning to Bridgerton for its second season, you can keep a bit of him in your life by listening to him narrate a 32-minute sleep story, “The Prince and the Naturalist” by author Victoria Gosling. The star has joined an elite group of celebrities who have collaborated with the mindfulness app, including Cillian Murphy, Harry Styles, Lucy Liu, Laura Dern, and Idris Elba.

For those unfamiliar with Calm, the app is filled with features like the sleep story, which is designed to improve your mental and physical health by keeping keep your mind and body, well, calm. The bedtime stories are often narrated by celebs who have the gift of being both very charming and able to tell a story so slowly that you forget all about your anxieties and drift off into a deep sleep.


The story narrated by Regé-Jean Page, “The Prince and the Naturalist,” is about, according to Calm, “a naturalist and his royal pupil find that nature is the best teacher.” Maybe this is because Netflix’s Bridgerton—one of the sexiest shows of all time—is on the mind, but this sounds weirdly feisty for a story designed to put us to sleep. 

Anyway, you can listen to Page’s dulcet tones on the Calm app now, which provides a seven-day free trial if you don’t already have an account. After that trial is over, Calm is $70 per year. 

But some advice: Before you listen to Page’s bedtime story, maybe make sure you are done with work for the day first. 


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