Lana Condor and Cole Sprouse Are Starring in a Rom-Com Together

Young millennials and older Gen Z kids, get ready to fall in love with a romantic comedy crafted specifically for you. To All The Boys Lana Condor and Riverdale’s Cole Sprouse are costarring in an upcoming HBO Max flick, and it sounds good!

Moonshot, written by Max Taxe (say that 10 times fast) and directed by Chris Winterbauer, will be produced by Greg Berlani and Sarah Schechter, the team that gave us Riverdale. Per Deadline, the movie is a “romantic comedy with a sci-fi twist…set in a future where Mars is terraformed and colonized by the best humanity has to offer,” following as “two very different college students wind up joining forces and sneak onboard a space shuttle to the red planet in order to be united with their significant others.”

So, let’s just get this out of the way: The movie should not be called Moonshot. Obviously, it’s a reference to the idea of a “moon shot,” meaning setting an ambitious goal before you’ve fully figured out how to accomplish it, and the phrase shoot the moon, which has a number of meanings based on its context—but the point is that unless they make a pit stop on the lunar surface during this movie, it should be called MarsShot. Sorry to rant, but the Red Planet deserves a defender!

All of that said, this is a great premise. Unlikely couples stuck together on a rocket? Yes, absolutely, inject it into my veins.

Sprouse celebrated the news on Instagram, writing, “I’m the last person you want to be trapped on a spacecraft with. The timeless @lanacondor and I are making a movie on mars…or at least Atlanta…Lots in the works for 2021 🚀,” on a post which Condor added to her Stories, with a “let’s gooooo.”

Happy Death Day actor Rachel Matthews commented on the post, “Congrats!!!!!” Looks like everyone’s as excited as we are. Even if the title is just plain wrong.

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