Lady Gaga’s Best Looks of 2021

Lady Gaga more than made up for 2021 being another strange year. 

Mother Monster knows we were deprived of major fashion moments in 2020—so in 2021, she fed us with delicious, decadent style. Lady Gaga’s looks this year proved the pop star and actor can pull off anything. She wore everything from ready-to-wear accessible fashion to Gucci capes, a shawl bigger than my apartment, a turtleneck in July, the list goes on. 

Although Gaga gave us a lot of fashion inspo while staying in NYC over the summer, the House of Gucci press tour is where things really got interesting. Gaga delivered completely different but equally iconic looks at every premiere (and there were many of those).

Behold Lady Gaga’s best looks of 2021.

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