Lady Gaga and Barack Obama Had the Longest Chat at the Inauguration


Lady Gaga stunned at the 2021 inauguration, performing the national anthem and wearing an outfit that served major Hunger Games vibes. She also, at one point, had an awfully long conversation with Barack Obama, and fans now want answers. 

“I wanna know what Lady Gaga and Barack Obama talked about for so long,” one person tweeted. Another asked, “What in the world is Lady Gaga saying to President Obama that’s taking so long?” Even Andy Cohen couldn’t help but notice, “Gaga has A LOT to say to Obama!!!” 

Alex Wong/Getty Images

She hugged Michelle Obama too (with masks on), and they had a lovely chat: 

Pool/Getty Images

“Framing a phot [sic] of lady gaga and michelle obama chatting like friends at this inauguration,” one fan said. 

So what happened? Why did Lady Gaga and Barack Obama have such a long conversation at the inauguration? Obviously, they had to be talking about one of these 21 topics: 


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