Kristen Wiig Finally Revealed Her Twins’ Names—And They’re So Pretty

Kristen Wiig just revealed the names of her twin babies. And no, they are not Barb and Star, although she did slip the names into Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar, her new comedy with co-writer and costar Annie Mumolo. In the “special thanks” section of the comedy’s credit scroll, the first names listed are “Avi, Luna & Shiloh.” Avi is Avi Rothman, Wiig’s husband, so we feel pretty confident in saying Luna and Shiloh are the kids they welcomed via surrogate in June 2020. Luna and Shiloh! Adorable, we love it, very sweet, etc. Us Weekly is also reporting these are her twins’ names. 

Wiig tends to keep most aspects of her personal life very private. She’s not on any social media, and her website is just a sketch of her face with a note about how she isn’t on any social media. Definitely an A-list move, if you ask us. But recently she did open up a little bit about family life during quarantine. She and Rothman confirmed their engagement in 2019 after three years of dating, per the Daily Mail, and never really gave another update…until Wiig referred to him as her “husband” when talking to Howard Stern. We see you being sneaky, Kristen.

Talking to Stern about early motherhood during a pandemic, Wiig said, “I’m very lucky that I have these two babies and my husband. They make it all better, and it’s changed my life.” She also revealed she isn’t working as much as usual, because of COVID, and that balancing time on set with time at home will probably get trickier as productions ramp up and her kids grow up. “I’m convinced they’re going to forget who I am if I’m gone for a day. I have looked at my children and said ‘I am your mother,’” she said. “They’re really young right now and I have that as an advantage, because they don’t really know when I’m not there. But that time is coming and I’ll do my best to balance, and they will come first.”

BRB, watching Barb and Star again to see what other Kristen Wiig Easter eggs we missed, and also because it’s great.

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