Kris Jenner Just Got Everyone Thinking Kendall Is Pregnant


Is Kris Jenner ~ manifesting ~ a baby for her daughter, Kendall Jenner, or did she just search “bottle” in her emojis without thinking about the interpretations? With a savvy media mogul like Kris, you can never be sure.

On the evening of Thursday, March 25, Kris tweeted, “You got this!!! 🍼@KendallJenner,” sparking a flurry of reactions online.

Some assumed the tweet meant that Kendall, the only one of her siblings without kids, was expecting, while others just thought it meant she was babysitting one of her many nieces or nephews. “WHAT” seemed to be the overall mood, and for a good reason: Kardashian-Jenner baby announcements are not to be taken lightly!

But no, fans quickly sussed out that these well-wishes from Kris Jenner were on the occasion of the birth of Kendall’s…fragrance.

Via KKW Fragrance, Kim Kardashian’s line, Kendall is releasing a trio of fragrances: Amber, Olive, and Blue Roan. If it’s one thing this family knows how to do, it’s create buzz. If there’s another thing, it’s branding, branding, branding.

Just a couple hours after her mom’s tweet went live, Kendall stepped in to clear up any confusion. “Mom, this looks like a pregnancy announcement,” she tweeted with a laughing emoji.

So, it seems that Mother Kris simply added the first “bottle” emoji she could find. I’m thinking she should’ve gone with the champagne emoji. It’s a bottle and it’s celebratory!

Some on Twitter went so far as to suggest the entire misunderstanding was fabricated for maximum coverage, which we suppose this article is proof of. But does that make them diabolical PR masterminds or brilliant 21st century crafters of narrative?

A year ago, Kendall Jenner was sitting poolside with her extended family and joking to followers about how she didn’t have kids. Glad to see she’s kept her sense of humor!


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