Kim Kardashian Just Got Called Out by North for Using a Fake Voice on Camera


The much-imitated Kardashian Monotone (it’s not vocal fry; it’s a very specific, nasal, even tone) might not be what Kim Kardashian uses at home, with her family. At least, that’s what her daughter, North West, is hilariously alleging.

In a recent Instagram Stories video, the KKW Beauty founder’s oldest daughter blatantly calls out her mom for using a fake voice when talking in videos. While attempting to film some content in September, Kardashian was interrupted by North, who asked her, “Why do you talk different?”

“Why do I talk different for what?” replied Kardashian, who continued filming. Though she insisted she is the “same human being” in videos and doesn’t “talk different,” North stood her ground. “GUUUyyyS! So today I got this newww maaaaask, and these new bronzers, I got thisss” North whined (with an accent?) in an example of her mom’s Video Voice. Her cousin, Kourtney Kardashian’s daughter Penelope Disick, agreed. Well, that makes two against one. 

In fairness, it would probably be weird if Kardashian used the exact same tone of voice promoting makeup as she uses while talking to children she loves.

In the video, posted on the morning of September 8 and captured by a fan account, the two kids are playing with makeup and false eyelashes, applying them to apples and mangoes, which Kardashian deems creative, if messy.

Later, after Kardashian offhandedly mentioned being “glad” about something, North quipped, “You always say you’re glad when you’re mad.” A rhyming call-out? This girl really is Kanye West’s daughter. Drop the mixtape next, North! 

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