Khloé Kardashian’s Natural Curls Made a Rare Appearance on Instagram

Khloé Kardashian doesn’t switch it up too much in the hairstyle department. The socialite tends to stick to long, straight, or slightly wavy styles, usually in brown or blonde hues. But on August 13, she gave her 174 million and counting fans a glance at what her natural hair texture looks like.  

Kardashian’s loose curls are on full display in this Instagram carousel featuring four pictures and two short videos. In the carousel’s caption, she asks viewers to be kind in the comments. The caption reads, “I rarely wear my natural hair texture. Felt kinda cute with it (please don’t ruin the feeling).” The texture is a mix of loose, highlighted waves and curls that reach her shoulders. Each photo shows a different angle of her voluminous hair and the lavender Seamless Contour Sports Bra and Leggings that she wears from the Black-owned athleisure brand Lapp. 

This curly style is definitely different for Kardashian and we’re loving every moment of it. Her honey-blonde, highlighted hair seems to fall in the 2C/3A region for those familiar with hair typing. (And if you’re completely confused, here’s an informative guide.) Her shoulder-length curls are a welcome change from her usual waist-length styles. 

We’re honestly not too sure if Kardashian added some curl-friendly products to her hair or if she simply washed it and went about her day. But we’d love to know more about her routine and overall journey, especially if she continues to wear her curls out. In January 2020, she shared her closet of blonde hair extensions, so who knows if she has another closet dedicated to curl-friendly products. Maybe next time we can get a mini-tutorial on her washday routine. 

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