Katy Perry Had the Best Response to Luke Bryan After He Told Her to Shave Her Leg Hair

Working moms know there’s not enough time in the day to get through everything you’re “supposed” to do, so when Luke Bryan made a crack about Katy Perry’s leg hair, she snapped right back. Perry shared the footage on Instagram Stories on Sunday, May 9, in honor of Mother’s Day. Accompanied by a sticker depicting an overwhelmed mom and the hashtag #momsknow, the quick video shows Bryan and Perry at the American Idol judges’ table.

“I know you’re a mom and everything, but we gotta do something about this leg hair,” Bryan tells Perry as she pans from him to the table, where she’s propped her foot up to show off her shin fuzz. “No, I don’t got time!” says Perry, explaining, “I’d rather cuddle with my daughter!”

Bryan starts to play-argue, saying, “it is literally–” before Perry cuts him off with a quick, ”Yeah!” And before anyone rushes to his comments with an aggressive emoji, we’re pretty sure this is two friends joking around, not some dude trying to tell a woman what to do with her body. That said, you tell him, Katy Perry! 


Perry’s been showing off her (honestly, hardly visible) leg hair on the show. In April, she said a contestant’s singing gave her chills that made her leg hair grow, and flung her foot up to prove it.

Since becoming a mom to Daisy Dove Bloom, the daughter she shares with fiancé Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry has been picking and choosing her beauty moments. Leg hair didn’t make the cut, but bleaching her eyebrows to look more like Tinker Bell did. And while Perry was doing all of that, what has Bryan done? Nursed a baby? Transformed into a fairy? That’s what we thought. The man doesn’t even shave his own face! Get outta here.

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