Katie Thurston Says the ‘Truth Will Come Out’ During the ‘Bachelorette’ Finale

Glamour: Who were you were most nervous to see in person at Men Tell All?

Katie Thurston: I think Michael was definitely going to be the hardest, especially watching our break-up. I kind of had to relive those moments and get it out of my system, and getting to see him and get that closure that I needed, it just felt good.

Of all the guys who are not in your final three, who do you think could make a really strong Bachelor next season?

My vote would be Andrew or Michael. They both have so much to offer and both are in a place where they are ready to find that forever love. If either of them were to have that opportunity, I would be rooting for them so hard.

Michael left before the hometown dates to be back with his son, James. “What can you say when a child wants somebody to go home?,” Michael tells Glamour. “It wasn’t indecisiveness on my part. I wasn’t leaving because of doubt in our relationship, but rather out of love for my son. I think any parent understands that sometimes you have to choose. Not all decisions come out winners. But we’ve been attached to the hip since I’ve been home.”

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Hometowns air next week, so in the lead-up to those, did you have a clear frontrunner in your head? And did that change after you met the families?

I kept each relationship very individual, but it wasn’t until hometowns that I realized, “Oh shoot, I really need to start comparing these men now.” And hometowns did make a big difference for me. Hometowns go a little unexpected. I’ll tease that for now. But a lot gets crazy toward the end, and I don’t know how they’re going to cram it all in. As you’ve seen in the preview, it’s not a lie. It’s very real. I reached a breaking point.

So where are you now?

Overall, I am happy, and that’s all I can really share. The truth will all come out August 9, but everything happens for a reason, that’s the biggest thing I’ve been saying…you deal with the cards you’ve been dealt, and you can’t live with regret or questioning what ifs.

Katie and Greg.

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You really were correct when you said you had a great group of guys, but you and Blake have quite a chemistry that’s different from everyone else.

Alright, you’re team Blake! I always ask people who they are rooting for, so we’ll see! [Laughs]. And as for Blake, I say it a lot that we’re alike, so is that a good thing or not? I don’t know!

You just have to go with your gut. 

We’ll check in on August 9! I’m here in L.A. for the next three weeks because of quarantine, so it makes things easier than flying back to Seattle. But it’s OK. I do miss [my cat] Tommy, though.

I thought you couldn’t wait for August 9 to get here so you could be with whoever you choose, but no, it’s so you can eventually get back to see Tommy.

Exactly! [Laughs]

The Bachelorette hometown dates air Monday, August 2, and the finale airs Monday, August 9.

Jessica Radloff is the Glamour West Coast editor. You can follow her on Instagram at @jessicaradloff14.

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