Katie Stevens Kept the Most Amazing Pair of Shoes From the ‘Bold Type’ Closet


The fifth and final season of Freeform’s hit series The Bold Type premieres Wednesday, May 26, and it’s been a highly entertaining ride. Centered on three young women trying to make it in the fashion and media industries—Jane (Katie Stevens), Sutton (Meghann Fahy), and Kat (Aisha Dee)—the show is tailor-made for Gossip Girl and Devil Wears Prada fans. It’s chock-full of style, soapy drama, and sexy people—in other words, all the makings of a hit show. No wonder it’s lasted for so long. 

Even still, Stevens is blown away by the show’s popularity. “When you get to five seasons, that in itself is so special,” she tells me over the phone in early May. “Not many shows get five seasons. The bond that we’ve created—not only among myself, Meghann, and Aisha—but our crew and the writers and everybody who works on the show, is just the best. They’re some of the best people I’ve ever met. I think we caught lightning in a bottle in terms of the connection we all formed.” 

Fans have formed connections with the characters, as well, particularly Jane, Sutton, and Kat. Stevens tells me she thinks viewers will be satisfied with where the show leaves these women, both professionally and personally. “At the end of the day, I think everybody’s going to be happy,” she says. “I’m really happy with where the girls end up. I think they end up exactly where they should be.” 

Wherever Jane ends up, though, she’ll be without two pairs of her favorite shoes. That’s because Stevens nabbed them from the Bold Type closet—which, relatable. She revealed this during Glamour‘s latest installment of Your Fave’s Faves. Read on, below, to find out which ones, plus Stevens’s favorite swimsuits, sweatpants, and the snacks she’s buying when she goes back to movie theaters.

The last thing I bought 

I bought six bathing suits because I’m going to Mexico. They’re from Somerfield Swim and also from Emily Ratajkowski’s line, Inamorata. One of my new favorite bikinis is from there. It’s ruched in the chest and has these little skimpy bottoms because I gotta get my tan on. 

My favorite pair of shoes right now 

I’m normally in sneakers if I’m not going anywhere, but I did get a bunch of shoes from Jane’s closet in The Bold Type. I have two favorite pairs: Christian Louboutin black combat boots that have a little heel, and a cute Valentino pump. I’m just looking for somewhere to wear them now. I’ll wear them around the house if I have to! 

The sweatpants I’ve lived in these past few months 

I have five drawers of sweatpants! I have a pair of pastel tie-dye sweats from Max Roux. They’re super comfortable. Also, these Tribe Kelley Butter Sweats. They’re the softest, most comfortable sweats I’ve ever put on my body. 

Floral Tie Dye Sweatpants

My go-to pair of jeans

They’re called the Ex-Boyfriend Jeans from Denim Forum. Those are great because they’re tight where they’re supposed to be but loose where they’re supposed to be. I have two pairs: one with holes and one without. 

My favorite product in my self-care routine 

I actually got one of those things—it looks like a sleeping bag, but it’s an infrared sauna blanket-bed. You open it up, and you have to get in it with socks, long pants, a long shirt, and you set a timer. I literally just lay in there and sweat. The feeling you get from sweating for 40 minutes—you watch Netflix, the time passes—is euphoric. I work out too, but there’s something very spa-like about having this thing in my house. I got it from this place called HigherDOSE. 

Infrared Sauna Blanket V3

The fragrance that makes me feel amazing

Miss Dior, which is classic, but there’s also a roll-on fragrance from Nest called Indigo. It’s so lovely. 

The beauty product that completes my going-out look

The quicker I can do my makeup and look good, the better. I started using Nudestix products, and I love them because the foundation is very lightweight. Then you have these cream blushes and cream contours, and they don’t leave you looking super shiny. So sometimes, I’ll just do that and allow the healthy glow to shine through. I’ve also been using Coco & Eve’s self-tanner. You put it on, it develops over two hours, and you can wash it off to have a healthy glow. It’s the only self-tanner I’ve ever used that’s not orange and doesn’t come off splotchy. 

Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam

The TV shows I’m currently obsessed with 

I’m late in the game, but I just started watching The Flight Attendant. I’m obsessed! It’s so good. I’m always into those thought-provoking, thriller-y kind of shows; The Flight Attendant is that, plus there’s a comedic aspect. Kaley Cuoco is amazing in it. 

The snacks I’m getting when I go to a movie theater again

First of all, my own individual popcorn because I will not be sharing my first time back. I’ve gone through so many movie candy phases. I used to get Milk Duds because that was my dad’s thing, then that changed to Cookie Dough Bites. Also, if you’re at a place that has Dibs ice cream bites, that’s a game-changer. And then you have to get a Diet Coke! But the problem is my snacks go fast. I feel like I’m already done with my candy by minute five of the movie.


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