Kate Beckinsale Says She’s Never Been On A Real Date

Is it or isn’t it a date? It’s a question that’s troubled the minds of unmarried people for eons, and even actor Kate Beckinsale isn’t sure she’s ever been on a real one.

“Do you know I’ve never really been on a date?” she quipped during a recent interview with Extra, adding, “I literally meet someone, get to know them at work, and then either marry them or get pregnant by them.”

First of all, LOL. (Beckinsale has been married once, to director Len Wiseman, and shares one daughter with her ex, Michael Sheen.) Second, she seems to be referring to a traditional first date. “I just can’t think of anything I’d hate more than sitting in front of somebody I don’t know, that chances are I won’t like, and have to sit and watch them eat food,” she said. Granted, eating with a stranger can be kind of off-putting, but I’m a little shocked at her lack of creativity here. A date can be bowling. A date can be sky-diving. A date can be painting mugs.

Like, ahem, on March 4, 2019, when she and Pete Davidson locked lips at a New York Rangers hockey game. Some people might consider that a date, Kate. You thought I wouldn’t keep receipts?

Beckinsale has always been funny and candid about, well, everything in her personal life. Take, for instance, what she wrote on IG in 2018 about spending the holidays with Sheen: “So apparently there are two meanings of the word ‘perineum,’ one being the area of the body between the genitals and anus, and the other, the period of time between Christmas and New Year’s Day. I thought I had been clear we were celebrating the second, but Michael turned up in an impenetrable onesie just in case he was ambushed by an excitable relative.”

Okay, I’m starting to see why she doesn’t go on normal dates.

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