Kaley Cuoco Just Debuted Some Chic Blunt Bangs


Kaley Cuoco’s curtain bangs have become one of her signatures—but the actor debuted a new look in August on the set of her new movie, Meet Cute. The Big Bang Theory star is now rocking blunt bangs, and they’re so chic. 

Paparazzi snapped pics of Cuoco filming in New York City on August 11. For her character, Sheila, she’s opted for bangs that completely cover her forehead, almost touching her eyes. She’s still blonde, with the hair length falling just below her shoulders. Check out the new look for yourself, below. 

Raymond Hall/Getty Images

Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson costar together in Meet Cute, which doesn’t have a release date yet. IMDb has this description for the project: “What would you do if you could travel to your loved ones’ past, heal their traumas, fix their problems, and change them into the perfect partner?” I’m intrigued!

Cuoco’s had an incredible year. Her HBO Max show The Flight Attendant was a critical and commercial success, and it’s been renewed for a second season. She also scored an Emmy nomination for her performance as Cassie, an alcoholic flight attendant who finds herself embroiled in a high-stakes murder mystery. 

“A lot of people said to me, ‘Oh, you’re obviously trying to get away from the character of Penny and find something darker,’” Cuoco told Glamour about the show. “I really wasn’t. I was super happy playing Penny and was just looking for what the next project would be after Big Bang. When I saw the cover of The Flight Attendant, I got this interesting chill up my spine and thought, Oh, my God, I want to know more.”

And on her character, Cassie, she said, “I really fell in love with her. As many mistakes as she makes, I wanted to fight for her. I knew she’d make for a great TV character. On top of that, I got to do everything as an actor. There’s all this range I haven’t been able to show, in probably, ever.


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