31 Movies You Can’t Miss This Fall


The lineup of fall 2021 movies is here, and I’m happy to announce that it’s stacked. Yes, even with everything going on in the world, Hollywood is still determined to keep us entertained. I, for one, am very grateful for it. 

For starters, we’ve got Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet teaming up in Dune and the long, long-awaited James Bond installation No Time to Die—and those are just the films leftover from last year’s schedule. Some you may have heard less about? Last Night In Soho starring Anya Taylor-Joy and the Marvel epic Eternals, directed by Chloé Zhao, are both promising to blow your mind.

And while most studios are moving back to releasing films exclusively in theaters, you can still see some of these new autumn movies from the comfort of your own home. We’ve specified which will be released via a streaming platform, theatrically, or on-demand, and we’ll update this post if that changes.

Mark your calendars—and happy moviegoing. Below, the best fall movies coming to some sort of screen near you this year. 

Cinderella (September 3)

In the latest adaption of Cinderella, Camila Cabello stars as a dressmaker who wants to go to the royal ball…to network! Meeting a handsome prince just happens to be a bonus. And this time, Billy Porter is working his magic as her fairy godparent. Coming to Amazon Prime Video.

Shang-Chi & The Legend of the Ten Rings (September 3)

Marvel’s first movie with a primarily Asian cast already has fans buzzing after an exciting trailer caught the Internet’s attention. Kim’s Convenience star Simu Liu plays a Kung Fu master protecting the streets of San Francisco alongside Awkwafina and Michelle Yeoh in undisclosed roles. Expect the fight choreo to be epic. In theaters for 45 days before dropping on Disney+.

We Need to Do Something (September 3)

Filmed amid the pandemic, We Need to Do Something is a horror film that follows a family that’s stuck in a bathroom during a hurricane. In theaters.

The Card Counter (September 10)

Hollywood legend Paul Schrader wrote and directed this intense drama about a former inmate who taught himself to cheat at poker while in jail. Oscar Isaac leads the cast as the player with a troubled past, and it looks like Willem Dafoe is his lawman enemy. With Tye Sheridan as his protégé and Tiffany Haddish as his lover/partner-in-crime, expect intensity galore. In theaters.

Kate (September 10)

You’ll have a lot of options when it comes to Fall movies on Netflix this year, but action fans should especially make time for this one. Starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Woody Harrelson, and relative newcomer Miku Patricia Martineau, Kate tells the story of an assassin who has 24 hours to live after being poisoned. Coming to Netflix.

Malignant (September 10)

From the director of Insidious, Malignant follows a woman named Madison (Annabelle Wallis) who has visions of murders that are happening IRL. In theaters and HBO Max.

Queenpins (September 10)

This comedy starring Kristen Bell and Kirby Howell-Baptiste follows the true story of two women who started the largest coupon counterfeit scam in U.S. history. In theaters, then Paramount+ later in the year.

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie (September 17) 

A hit on London’s West End, Everybody’s Talking About Jamie never made it to Broadway, but it will hit the big screen! Jamie is a high schooler who dreams of a drag career; when his act becomes an unexpected hit among his peers, it causes a stir in this feel-good musical. If you love cozy movies that warm your heart, this is the one for you. Coming to Amazon Prime Video.

The Eyes of Tammy Faye (September 17)

The true story of Christian TV personalities Tammy Fake Bakker and her husband Jim gets the dramedy treatment courtesy of Wet Hot American Summer‘s Michael Showalter. Come for the prosthetics on Jessica Chastain, stay to find out how Andrew Garfield’s accent holds up. In theaters.

Dear Evan Hansen explores a high schooler facing a moral quandary in the wake of a classmate’s suicide and amidst his own depression, asking both how we can best remember those we’ve lost and best love those who are still with us. In theaters.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage (September 24)

The follow-up to the strange and strangely beloved sorta Spider-man spin-off casts Woody Harrelson as a villain who needs to be seen to be believed and ups the blood factor by…a thousand percent? Well, they did promise carnage. In theaters. 

Sounds Like Love (September 29)

Sounds like Devil Wears Prada to us! This romantic comedy follows the clumsy assistant to a high-powered fashion influencer who, along with her friends, tries to figure out how to get what she wants out of work, life, and most importantly, love. Coming to Netflix.

After We Fell (September 30)

The third installment in the sexy After series continues the story of good girl Tessa and bad boy Hardin, young lovers who can’t stay together but can’t seem to stay apart. In theaters before coming to Netflix. 

The Addams Family 2 (October 1)

What does vacation look like for the creepiest family in town? Kids of all ages will enjoy the cartoon antics, and after being stuck at home last year, will probably relate to the feeling of need a little (or a lot of) space from their parents. In theaters.

Hotel Transylvania: Transformania (October 1)

Questions of identity and culture come to the fore in this exploration of what it means to be yourself in a world that makes you Other. Because the monsters get turned into humans and the humans get turned into monsters. Eek! In theaters. 

The Many Saints of Newark (October 1)

The late James Gandolfini’s son steps into the role of Tony Soprano in this prequel to the iconic drama, The Sopranos, showing the rise of a New Jersey mob boss before all the therapy. In theaters and HBO Max.

No Time to Die (October 8)

Originally slated for an April 2020 release, No Time to Die has been moved to October 2021. But stay tuned to see if that date sticks. (If it doesn’t, at least we have the Billie Eilish jam on our playlists.) In theaters.

Halloween Kills (October 15)

Michael Myers certainly looked dead at the end of 2018’s Halloween, Danny McBride and David Gordon Green’s reboot of the franchise first directed by John Carpenter. But when Michael Myers looks dead is exactly when he isn’t, and this year, he’s back for more. Not that Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her family will ever let him get them. In theaters.

Hard Luck Love Song (October 15)

A crime thriller with a honky tonk twist, this indie features original music and stars Sophia Bush, plus RZA of The Wu-Tang Clan. In theaters.

The Last Duel (October 15)

This medieval epic reunites Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, but it’s Adam Driver in armor that’s already got the Internet talking. Jodie Comer also stars as a rape survivor looking for justice the only way her country will allow: a fight to the death. In theaters.

Dune (October 22)

One of the spiciest films delayed by the pandemic, this adaptation of the beloved sci-fi epic stars Timothee Chalamet, Zendaya and Oscar Isaac. Books nerds will compare dit to the book, film nerds will compare it to the Kyle MacLachlan version, and worm nerds will be like, “Look, the big worm! What a big worm!” In theaters and HBO Max.

The French Dispatch (October 22)

Wes Anderson brings his typical exacting style to this story about love, war, and newspapers, printed, of course, in black and white, just like the news itself. A whole host of Hollywood favorites and Anderson mainstays fill out the cast, so toss on a beret and pack your suitcase full of vintage items, we’re off to the indie cinema! In theaters.

Antlers (October 29)

A Woodsy creature horror flick produced by Guillermo Del Toro, just in time for Halloween. We’re crafting our costumes already. In theaters.

Last Night In Soho (October 29)

Plot details are strictly under wraps, but Edgar Wright’s latest, starring Anya Taylor-Joy, seems to feature a fashion student who gets involved with time-travel, body-swapping, and maybe murder? The soundtrack is sure to delight and the fashions will definitely dazzle, so who even cares about the plot? This looks great! In theaters.

Newly minted Oscar darling Chloé Zhao takes on the Marvel epic in this tale of immortal beings who…sat around for decades and watched the Avengers do their job for them. Angelina Jolie, you have some explaining to do! Of all the Fall movies to watch on this list, this is by far the buzziest. In theaters.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife (November 11)

After the 2016 all-women reboot of the Ghostbusters franchise failed to launch anything but controversy, Hollywood is trying a new tack: dial back the comedy, up the nostalgia. Directed by original Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman’s son Jason (he also did Up In The Air, that chuckle-fest), Afterlife seems to follow descendants of an original GB crew member as they start over in a new town and, well, discover the car. You can imagine how things go from there: ghooOOoosts! In theaters. 

Red Notice (November 12)

Gal Gadot plays the world’s greatest art thief. Ryan Reynolds plays the world’s greatest con man. The Rock plays a guy named Rusty. It’s an international caper, need we say more? In theaters. 

King Richard (November 19)

Venus and Serena’s father gets the biopic treatment in this upcoming drama starring Will Smith, who knows a thing or two about raising future superstars (Jaden and Willow, hello!). In theaters and HBO Max. 

Top Gun: Maverick (November 19)

Originally set to premiere last year, this long-awaited sequel to the movie that launched a thousand Air Force careers (and made everyone high five extra dramatically) will finally hit the big screens this Fall, putting Tom Cruise back in the cockpit and introducing a new class of Hollywood studs including Glen Powell and Manny Jacinto. And yes, there will be volleyball! In theaters.

Encanto (November 24)

Mirabel is the only member of her family without a magical power in this colorful, animated Disney musical, featuring songs from (who else?) Lin-Manuel Miranda. In theaters. 

Audiences have been clamoring for this fashion drama ever since the first pictures of Lady Gaga and Adam Driver in costume hit the Internet. Playing the famed Italian family behind the iconic label, Gaga, Driver and an unrecognizable Jared Leto are absolutely dripping with jewels, scandal, and iffy accents. ITALIA, BABY! In theaters. 


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