Justin Timberlake Opens Up About How He and Jessica Try to Raise Their Two Kids


How much of your kids’ lives to share on social media is a question every modern parent faces. But for celebrities like Justin Timberlake, there’s an added layer of concern. In making your child a public figure, do you open the door to a life in the spotlight? What if they don’t want that? That’s why he and wife Jessica Biel are cautious about how much of their sons, Silas and Phineas, they share with the world.

“I try to be conscious of making sure we can live a life where we’re not weirdly private, but we’re conscious of making sure they can be kids for as long as possible,” he said on Dax Shepard’s podcast Armchair Expert, per CNN. The public has only gotten a few glimpses of Silas, and Phineas, born at the end of 2020, hasn’t been seen at all. As the kids grow up, Timberlake explained, he wants to protect them from “the weight of somebody else treating them differently because of something that their parents do.”

Shepard agreed, telling the story of how he and Kristen Bell explained to their kids that they shouldn’t talk about how their mother was the voice of Anna in Frozen. “You cannot tell anyone in this thing that your mom is Princess Anna…I know you’re proud and you should be able to say that, but I’m just warning you, that’ll probably make other kids jealous, and they won’t know how to handle that feeling,” Shepard told them.

“For guys like us, you know, the hope is that we just keep instilling in them that we got really fun jobs, but it’s not who we are,” Timberlake said. While many children in Los Angeles have parents who are in the industry, it’s not often that a grown-up celebrity is on four-year-olds’ rarar. Would a preschooler care that their friend’s mom starred in an HBO series? Probably not. But Timberlake, lead voice in the Trolls series, and Bell are actual celebrities to four-year-olds. “The kids at school with my five-year-old are like, ‘Your dad is Branch,’” said Timberlake, referring to his Trolls character.

Listen to Dax Shepard’s full chat with Justin Timberlake here. 


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