Julianne Hough Is a Dead Ringer for Jennifer Aniston With Her Face-Framing Highlights


Back in March, Julianne Hough said goodbye to her signature platinum-blonde hair color and welcomed a dark, honey-colored hue in its place. That clearly didn’t last very long, though, because the actor and dancer got back in the salon chair for some new highlights on June 30. Riawna Capri, a colorist at Los Angeles’s Nine Zero One Salon, worked itty-bitty platinum-blonde highlights all the way through her hair with two bright face-framing pieces in the front. 

“Fun Fact!: @JulesHough had NOT highlighted her hair for about 2 years (BEFORE quarantine made it a trend to grow you natural out), because she wanted to ‘just see’ what her natural hair color would be. And well, it’s freaking stunning,” Capri shared on Instagram with front and side photos of Hough’s new color. “Now, we were ready to simply enhance her natural hair color with some sprinkles of sparkles of the babiest highlights throughout.”

Capri achieved the look with lightener, toner, and brass-fighting shampoo from Schwarzkopf—and Hough is very much a fan. “Grew that natural hair out like my life depended on it,” she commented on Capri’s post. “So happy with the sparkles of light just barely poppin’ through! You crushed it… but then again, you always do!”

But, uh, we’re not the only ones who had to do a double-take at this photo, right? Because at first glance, we could have sworn on our lives this was America’s Sweetheart, Jennifer Aniston. Right? With those small, platinum-blonde strands in the front and that slight smirk on her face, Hough almost looks like Jennifer’s twin. And take it from us, there’s no bigger compliment than “You look just like Jennifer Aniston.”

Frankly, we’re not sure how we never saw the similarities between them until now. Their faces are…well, kind of the same. If HBO Max ever decides to green-light a Friends reboot alongside the recent reunion, we might have the perfect casting choice. 

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This story originally appeared on Allure. 


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