Joshua Weissman Wants You to Stop Cooking This One Viral TikTok Recipe


I’m a simp for Drake—and you can quote that. 

What do you cook on date night?

If time allows, I like to do coursed-out stuff for a date night with a little bit of an amuse-bouche and then a small plate followed by a protein.

For the main, I would probably do something nice like a pork secreto, which means secret in Spanish. It’s a Spanish Iberico pork that is a cut of meat that you really can’t get anywhere else, that most butchers throw away but it’s really fatty. It’s kind of like the wagyu of pork, if you will.

When you go grocery shopping, what’s something that you can’t help but pick up?

I have a big problem with impulse buying. I don’t even go to the store that much anymore. Normally I send people out, thankfully. If it’s me, I’ll impulse buy at least 10 items. It’s kind of a problem. I think my favorite impulse buy would be specialty olive oils or aged soy sauces. Any kind of Picual olive oil would be my favorite type.

Picual Premium Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

What tool gets the most use in your kitchen?

My knives, easily.  All my knives are by independent knife makers. I don’t have a particular favorite, but I would love to shout-out Bernal Cutlery in San Francisco.

If you were known as the expert of one thing on TikTok, what would it be?

I mean, cooking in general, but aside from that, probably both savory cooking and also baking bread, specifically.

What’s your favorite kind of bread to bake?

Oh, just a classic like a country sourdough loaf. I used to bake bread and bring it to restaurants that I wanted to get a job at. I would go in and cook for free so that they can see how good you are, and I would always bring a fresh loaf of my sourdough bread to give to the chefs. like, “Oh, yeah, I just happen to have this on hand, haha,” and I would get the job.

Food as a résumé. I like it. What’s the ultimate gift you bring to someone hosting a dinner party?

Honestly, caviar. Everybody gets excited about it. It’s a fun sort of expensive thing to do. I really like Regalis Foods’ Platinum Osetra.

For someone like me who has never had caviar before, how would you recommend getting into it? 

If you’ve never had caviar before then you should try my favorite method, which is literally just your favorite potato chip. No flavors—just salt and pepper or just salt. Dip your chip into some crème fraîche, coat it with some chives, and then pick up a nice dollop of caviar with your caviar spoon and eat it like chips and dip. 

The utensil for picking up your caviar should either be a mother-of-pearl spoon or a wooden spoon—no other material. Plastic is acceptable, but it’s ugly.


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