JoAnna Garcia Swisher Says She Loves These Tortilla Chips From the ‘Sweet Magnolias’ Margarita Nights


It’s one of the reasons why we at Glamour knew that our Fave’s Faves column would be the perfect place for Garcia Swisher to highlight the sweet stuff that makes her feel her best, whether it’s her favorite spring dresses or the comforting candles that light up a room. (And don’t for a minute think we’d forget to ask her about those must-have tortilla chips Maddie snacks on.) 

So what’s on the list? Check out Garcia Swisher’s favorites below that will make you feel like you’ve created your own hometown vibe of Serenity. 

The second season of Sweet Magnolias is now streaming on Netflix.


My favorite snack on set

Chips and salsa. There’s these sweet potato chips that our local supermarket carries in Florida that I love, that are honestly the unsung hero of Sweet Magnolias season two because they were given to us on margarita nights. And they were delicious. So phenomenal. But I’m not going to throw any tortilla chip out of the way. I have love for all of them.

My go-to beverage

I like a good cabernet or a red blend, and I love Casamigos tequila. For non-alcoholic, I love sparkling water. I just got this faucet called Zip Water that makes sparkling water and I’m so excited about it.

My hero skin-care products

My Lumi for cleaning my face. Shani Darden’s [lactic acid] serum, that’s new. And Tatcha’s Kissu sleeping mask for your lips. It’s beautiful. And then of course, Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen. I don’t put any makeup on my face without using sunscreen first.

The foundation I always use

IT Cosmetics CC Cream has always been something that I really love. But I also love Ilia and the new Charlotte Tilbury foundation. Those are my go-to products depending on how much coverage I want. 

The bronzer that gives me a perfect sun-kissed glow

Chanel has this creamy bronzer that is really easy to use, and it contours without contouring. So it gives you that sun kiss look without feeling like you’re shaping your face. I really like it.

The hair products I swear by

Right now, so I use Magic Myst leave-in. It’s great. And I’ve been using the Ouai which I really like.

My favorite hair accessories

My girlfriend Hadley has a little boutique, and I buy a lot of my headbands from her. She sells it a little bazaar called Tate & Tilly, but Hadley, LLC. You can buy from her @Hadleyllc. I also like Scünci that you can get at Target. They have the cutest headbands.

My favorite item in my closet

My giant pink robe. It’s from when I appeared on Chelsea Lately. Nick is like, “Here she comes ladies and gentlemen!” It’s freaking ginormous. I’m so my mom in so many ways. At this point, this robe could be crusty in some areas, but not on the inside, so it’s a problem for everyone else but me. It’s fantastic. She’s just an old faithful. I also have this short one from Victoria’s Secret from 10 years ago that has my hair color on it from when I bought my hair dye at home, but it’s just a really good cotton terry robe. 

The jeans I always wear

I am wearing a lot of Mother Denim and Agolde right now. Anything high-rise. I’ve thrown away all of my low-rise. I’m not even really interested in getting back together with my mid-rise girls, and I don’t care if they’re not in fashion after this. After you get used to everything just being held in, how are we ever supposed to go back?

The perfect casual sweats

I invested in a million different types of sweatsuits during COVID and really found them to be just a great everyday piece of clothing. Sailor, my youngest is like, “Mama, why are you wearing your PJ’s out?” And I’m like, “They’re not PJ’s. This is Street Legal, and they’re cute. And they were not cheap. So, are we good? Come on, woman. Let me do this. Let me be me.” She’s pretty bummed out. I can only imagine how much I will embarrass her as time goes on.

My favorite swimwear

I have really been loving Montce. They have little ruffles. They’re cheeky. They hug me in all the right places. And I love Solid & Striped. I do a lot of water sports, so my swimwear has to be more practical for those days.

The dresses perfect for spring

I live in Dôen, and they are a little bit of an investment, but the Dôen dresses that I have for years, I’m still wearing. And every time I wear them, I’m complimented on them. I love The Great for dresses. They’re really flowy and voluminous, and their prints are so beautiful. And I love Xirena—they have really fun prints. 

My favorite bath and body products

The Nécessaire exfoliant and their body serum are so delicious. I love their stuff. I tend to use products that are fragrance-free because I have sensitive skin and I’m allergic to lavender. Trader Joe’s has a hyaluronic body lotion that is fantastic because it’s not greasy and sinks right in. 

And then OSEA products are literally my holy grail. I use their scrub. Nick will go through their body oil like nobody’s business. We have it in our shower, so when it’s still steamy, we put that on. Their anti-aging balm, which is a little bit thicker, I put on my neck and my chest.

The candles I love to gift

We have a lot of Voyage et Cie. Their scents are really yummy and affordable. They really light up a room, no pun intended—or pun intended, at this point. 

The coziest blankets in my house

I love Barefoot Dreams. I’m always collecting them. I’ve got a bunch of really good ones at Pottery Barn recently, but you can always find the Barefoot Dreams ones on sale at Nordstrom Rack.

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