Jill Biden Revealed the Romantic Story Behind Her Inauguration Corsage


Dr. Jill Biden had many great style moments on inauguration day, but one that took everyone by surprise was her white corsage. The first lady accessorized her all-white inauguration night outfit with the corsage, launching several fashion questions. What was the inspiration? Why wear a corsage? Did the first couple watch Prom on Netflix afterwards to keep the vibes going? 

Well, in a new interview with People, we get some answers. Biden revealed she wore the corsage as part of a longstanding romantic tradition with her husband, President Joe Biden. Apparently, POTUS has bought Dr. Biden corsages made from white gardenias, her favorite flower, many times throughout their marriage.

“I think it was for Valentine’s Day,” she told the magazine, per Today, while POTUS confirmed that was, indeed, the “the first time” he bought her a corsage. 

“It’s just a tradition, and he surprised me with it,” Dr. Biden said. “I was surprised that people actually saw it on my wrist, but I guess with a zoom lens you see everything.”

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President Biden also added, “I think it’s important to—and Jill does the same thing—let each other know no matter how much time has gone by—I got criticized for saying this a while ago, but … she comes down the steps, (my heart) still goes a little boom, boom, boom, boom. For real.” OK, I’m officially swooning. Read more from their People interview here.

The corsage also has another meaning; both Mamie Eisenhower and Betty Ford wore corsages on inauguration night, which makes it a White House tradition of sorts. Dr. Jill Biden is certainly in incredible company.

Designer Gabriela Hearst crafted the first lady’s inauguration night dress with unity in mind: It had embroidery showcasing the official flowers from every state and territory in America. The coat worn over the dress also highlighted the flowers. See the details, below: 


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