‘I May Destroy You’ Didn’t Get a Single Golden Globe Nomination—And Twitter Is Furious


The Golden Globe nominations were announced on February 3, and I May Destroy You was noticeably absent. 

Listen, the Globes snub artists and projects every year. I mean, everyone can’t get a nomination, right? But sometimes awards shows just really miss the mark, and this is an example of one of those times.

The 2021 Golden Globes not nominating I May Destroy You is a glaring oversight, full stop. The Michaela Coel–helmed HBO show received critical acclaim—it currently has a 98% Rotten Tomatoes rating—and was praised for its realistic depiction of surviving sexual assault.

I reviewed the show after its June 2020 release and was struck by Coel’s poignant yet relatable portrayal. She starred in and created the drama that, according to Twitter, absolutely deserves a Golden Globes nomination.

“I’m absolutely baffled and infuriated that I May Destroy You and Michaela Coel received no nominations at the #GoldenGlobes this year—what the fuck is this idiotic erasure?!” one user tweeted.

Another fan wrote, “No it’s actually CRIMINAL to not recognize Michaela Coel for what she did, not just w trauma or sexual assault or consent, but w friendship and art and power and healing! I May Destroy You was an artist executing a singular vision, pure and focused #GoldenGlobes”

“Golden Globes are laughable. Not only is I May Destroy You absolutely fucking brilliant, it should be required viewing. Apparently you can be TOO far ahead of humanity @MichaelaCoel we don’t deserve you,” another user tweeted.

Another fan pointed out that Emily in Paris—a viral hit but not necessarily a critical one—received two nominations, while I May Destroy You received zero. Granted, the shows weren’t submitted in the same category, but it still shows the disparity between nominating white-led shows and nominating Black-led shows. “Emily in Paris getting more Golden Globe shine than I May Destroy You is just embarrassing,” they tweeted.

The Undoing is an HBO drama (not unlike IMDY) that received two nominations. The shows tackle different issues but have similarities: They’re both mysteries, involve crime, and are well-acted. “All you really need to know about the few dozen random people who pick the Golden Globes is that they loved The Undoing and completely snubbed I May Destroy You,” one user wrote, adding, “As with every year, the Golden Globes nominate a bunch of worthy people and ignore a bunch of more challenging choices in favor of the more famous ones who will make the ceremony more glamorous. And so it goes!”

Other Golden Globe snubs include Zendaya for her highly anticipated film Malcolm & Marie and her Emmy-winning performance in Euphoria; Jurnee Smollett for her role in Lovecraft Country (the show was nominated); Mindy Kaling’s Never Have I Ever; and P-Valley


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