Jill Biden and Kelly Clarkson Joking About Bridgerton’s Raciest Episode Is Pure Gold

Ph.D. holder, teacher, and Valentine’s Day aficionado—not to mention first lady—Jill Biden has joined the ranks of the Bridgerton stans. (We are passionate, and we are legion!) And like the rest of us, she loves it for the um, the costumes. Yeah, the clothes. Which are kept on through the whole series. That’s the best part, when the clothes are on. Sure.

Appearing on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Dr. Biden was challenged to say “without thinking” the first thing that came to mind from a list of words. The segment starts off with an easy one: vacation? Beach! Then, Clarkson goes in for the kill: Bridgerton.” 

“Ummm…” Biden demurs, breaking the first rule of the “don’t think” game, but, whatever. “Costumes, romance,” she finally answers. And it’s not that those elements aren’t prevalent in the Regency Era-set series. It’s just that they’re not what everyone’s talking about. Remember, this is the series that made Ashton Kutcher think his wife, Mila Kunis, was watching porn in their bed. It’s steamy AF.

“We’re so different. My first word would have been different,” jokes Clarkson, echoing our very same thoughts. 

As Clarkson giggles, Biden makes it clear she knows the game, and she’s seen the full season. “Okay, I know what episode you’re talking about,” she says, prompting Clarkson to specify, “It might be episode five.” If you haven’t watched yet (how???), that’s the episode wherein central couple Simon and Daphne, to put it delicately, bone.

After a few more softball questions, Clarkson frustrates our FLOTUS once again with the prompt “Denzel.” “Oh my gosh…handsome,” says Biden. Yes, he is!

The two also had some more heartfelt moments, talking about healing from divorce. Later, Jill Biden introduced Kelly Clarkson to her family’s two dogs, Biden and Champ.

Come back on The Kelly Clarkson Show again, Dr Biden! This was so fun.

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