Jessica Chastain Has the Best Response to That Video of Oscar Isaac Kissing Her Arm


If you haven’t yet treated yourself to a viewing of that video of Oscar Isaac kissing Jessica Chastain’s arm on the Venice Film Festival red carpet (later he gazes lovingly at her; it’s really sweet), go ahead. The Scenes From a Marriage costars had Twitter abuzz for days, remarking on the two actors’ undeniable chemistry.

Now, before you go too hard into shipping mode, remember that both are married to other people and are so cozy together because they’ve been friends for 20 years. They met as undergrads at the famed acting academy Juilliard and have already played a married couple in 2014’s very good, though under-seen, A Most Violent Year.

Elisabetta A. Villa, Getty Images

Chastain wisely decided to capitalize on the chatter to promote the pair’s new limited series on HBO, a remake of Ingmar Bergman’s iconic series, tweeting out a picture of Gomez Addams kissing his wife Morticia on the inner arm alongside a smiling devil emoji and the date September 12th, which is when their Scenes From a Marriage premieres.

Isaac also voices Gomez in the new animated Addams Family movies, apparently a role he was born for.

Speaking about the project to the Associated Press last week, Isaac and Chastain revealed that though they already had a high comfort level with one another, they used an intimacy coordinator to make the bedroom scenes in the series as truthful as possible. Isaac also revealed that their children are in the same playgroup and said that one of the challenges of working on such an intense script with a close friend is that “you care about the person so much.”

Okay, yes, fine, we will watch this show!


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