Jessica Alba Says Turning 40 Is ‘Weird’: ‘That Age Just Feels…Aggressive’

Happy (belated) birthday, Jessica Alba! The actor and Honest Company founder turned 40 years old on April 28, an age that made her take a beat.

“It’s so weird because when you’re little, that age just feels…aggressive,” she said to Jimmy Fallon during a Tonight Show appearance, which coincided with her company going public on NASDAQ. 

“That’s a grown-ass person,” she said, laughing about her adolescent point of view. “Yes, that is what that is.”

But with age comes wisdom. “When you’re here, you’re like, ‘I guess this is what it is,’” she continued. Fallon then joked that from his point of view (he’s 46), 40 is young. “You have so much more life out there to live, but I feel like, I don’t know, everything is just sort of connecting in a really cool way,” added Alba.

But there’s one centering practice she refuses to embrace: hiking. “No, definitely not,” she responded when Fallon said he assumed she loved the activity.

Apparently, one incident—“a vegan hiking detox situation”—swore her off for good. She revealed about the recent trip, “In my mind, I’m like, ‘I’m going there to do the healthy thing.’ But actually you’re supposed to eliminate all the things before you get there.” In other words, she had to cut out alcohol and other indulgences for a month before the trip even started. Horrific.

She was also supposed to build up her endurance by walking every day, but did “not, nary, none of it.” Alba then told the story of “dying” halfway through a hike as a pack of senior citizens in their 80s and 90s, who were “booking [it],” easily passed her group. Maybe when Jessica Alba turns 80, she’ll be doing the same thing. Like she just said, 40 looks different when you get there. Eighty-three probably will too.

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