Jennifer Lopez Went Makeup-Free on Camera to Show Off Her Morning Skin-Care Routine


Ever since Jennifer Lopez posted her three-step nighttime skin-care routine, we’ve been waiting for the pop star to drop the morning regiment. Over six months later, she finally did!

On July 22, Lopez welcomed her Instagram followers into her actual bathroom to go through her full morning skin-care routine. It’s no surprise that the JLo Beauty mogul exclusively showed off products from her own line, but what is a shock is just how simple the steps really are. 

Step one? That Hit Single gel-cream cleanser. While Lopez started out her five-minute video with a completely bare face, she said she gives her skin a morning wash to get rid of any excess oil or leftover makeup in the hairline. “The morning cleansing is really really important to set your face for the whole entire day,” she said before lathering up and rinsing with lukewarm water.  “Not only did it get all the makeup and gave me that kind of like extra clean feeling, but in a healthy way. I am in love with this cleanser.”

However, it’s really the second step that Lopez describes as the secret to her signature glow. “This is the secret ingredient—21 iterations of this to get it right,” she says of her That JLo Glow serum. “’People go, how do I get that glow, how do I get that glow? I put it in a bottle and say here.”

Lopez works the serum all over her face, describing the process as taking “vitamins for your face.” Once it’s completely dried down, it’s time for the most important step: Sunscreen. “From the time you’re very very young have to wear sunscreen, that is probably one of the biggest things that I did from a very young age that helped preserve my skin,” the 52-year-old said. 

JLo Beauty That Hit Single Cleanser

JLo Beauty That JLo Glow Serum

JLo Beauty That Big Screen SPF 30 Moisturizer

Because Jennifer Lopez’s moisturizer doubles as a 30 SPF sunscreen, she’s managed to streamline her routine down to basically three steps. You could really leave it there or add in Lopez’s fourth step, which involves taking one of her That Inner Love supplements. Per, these vitamin-rich tablets promise to “fight the signs of aging where they start.”

“Skincare is an inside job,” Lopez says. “Beauty from the inside out is one of our models at JLo Beauty, and that is spiritually, emotionally, metaphorically, but also really really practically.”


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