Jennifer Lopez Spotted Wearing What Appears to Be Ben Affleck’s Flannel


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are clearly not trying to keep a low profile.

On Thursday, June 10, Lopez stepped off a plane in L.A. wearing what appears to be one of her boyfriend’s flannels. Underneath the blue and red button-up—which Affleck has reportedly worn multiple times in the last three years—the pop star was wearing a white crop top and sweats. You can see the photos of Lopez, here

Though UsWeekly reports that Affleck didn’t join Lopez on her most recent trip, he was spotted earlier in the week with Lopez’s mom, Guadalupe Rodriguez, at a casino in Las Vegas, where he has been filming a new movie. 

The flannel in question.


This is not their first sartorial couple moment since rekindling their romance from almost 20 years ago. Back in May, fans were convinced Affleck was wearing a silver chain-link from the original Bennifer era. “It’s the lil things,” @jloaffleck tweeted. “Ben Affleck wearing the same watch JLo gave him while filming ‘Jenny From The Block.’” Alongside the tweet were two images: one from the 2021 outing and one from between 2002 and 2004. 

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez attend a Lakers game in 2003. Check that left wrist! 

Vince Bucci/Getty Images

If you couldn’t already tell, things seem to be getting serious between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. In fact, though Lopez already has a home in L.A., she is preparing to make it her permanent residence in order to be closer to Affleck. A source tells E! News that Lopez will be “packing up her Miami rental” and leaving the city where she lived with ex-fiancé Alex Rodriguez.

“She will be between L.A. and the Hamptons this summer, but L.A. will be her base,” the insider says. Her twins, Emme and Max, will join her, and Lopez is reportedly already looking at schools for them to attend in the fall.

“Ben is great with kids and that is what really rekindled J. Lo’s attraction to him,” a source recently told Us Weekly. “She saw how well he treated and interacted with her kids and fell back in love with him.”


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