Jennifer Lopez Played Very Coy When Asked About Ben Affleck in a New Interview

It looks like Hoda Kotb will be getting all the juicy details about the Jennifer Lopez–Ben Affleck reunion, but the rest of us will just have to use our imaginations. The “Jenny From the Block” singer kept her lips firmly sealed when asked to comment on her rumored reunion with her ex, saying only that love is important, which, yes, to be fair, it is.

Appearing virtually on The Today Show on Tuesday, July 20, Lopez and Lin-Manuel Miranda spoke to host Hoda Kotb about their song “Love Make the World Go Round,” which they released five years ago as a charitable single following the tragic shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Florida. This year they are rereleasing the track, and it’s not the only piece of the past coming back into Lopez’s life. Kotb, bless her, got straight to the point, telling Lopez that in the many paparazzi pictures of her and Affleck, the Hustlers star appears super happy: So, is she?

“The song is out, five years since we’ve done it. And I believe that that message of loving one another and coming together and love, is never more relevant than it is right now,” Lopez answered.

But Kotb wasn’t so easily put off by Lopez’s media-savvy nonresponse. She reminded the star that the two are friends. What’s a little nationally televised girl talk between pals? “Wait, it’s me you’re talking to, you know that,” Kotb prompted, to which Lopez replied, “I know, you can call me. You have my number!”

So, Hoda Kotb and Jennifer Lopez will be dishing about Bennifer all day, and the rest of us aren’t invited…fine! We’ll just enjoy the pap pics like the rest of the public. A rumored house-hunting snap is worth a thousand words anyway. (But still, we’d like to hear some words.)

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