Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Had a Date Night—At the Super Bowl

A year after that simply incredible halftime performance with Shakira, Jennifer Lopez returned once again to the Super Bowl…but just to watch this time. She and fiancé Alex Rodriguez had an A-list date night in a box overlooking the game. What, you thought they were just going to watch it on TV? She was last year’s halftime star and he’s a former professional athlete. This is like their…well, their Super Bowl!

Rodriguez shared a clip of the power couple’s journey to Tampa for the game; walking toward their private jet, he asks his group who is going to win. Lopez won’t say, only that she “loves them both,” and the rest of the entourage is split. We’re hoping all of this travel and game-going was done safely.

At the game the couple held up a sign praising health care workers for their heroism during the pandemic. (But just so you know: The day of the Super Bowl, over 3,000 Americans died of COVID. The crisis is not over…at all.)


Though it was The Weeknd’s turn to take the field during halftime this year, we’d say Lopez is already one of the top performers of 2021. She sang at a little televised event you might remember called the presidential inauguration…and that only happens once every four years. Way more elite.

But that didn’t stop the multitalented singer-actor-beauty entrepreneur from getting a little nostalgic. On Instagram she shared a “dump” of never-before-seen pictures and videos from behind-the-scenes of her 2020 performance. If you click through, you can see her hug her daughter, Emme, who sang alongside her, and pump herself up before taking the stage. You can also see the young dancers who performed with her and Shakira chanting her name in the halls of the stadium, and a hug between Jennifer Lopez and fellow dance enthusiast (and, we assume, fan) Charli D’Amelio.

Shakira, meanwhile, posted a handful of moments to her Instagram Stories but was more excited about dyeing her hair red.

We all celebrate in our own way.

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