Jennifer Aniston’s Iconic Sandy-Colored Hair Is Bright Blond Now


Jennifer Aniston‘s Morning Show character is getting a bit of a makeover. The actor shared some pics from the Apple TV+ show’s set—and from the looks of it, she’s going to have much blonder hair in season two. 

“Aaand, we’re back… 🤩🎬,” she captioned the selfies. Her costar Reese Witherspoon commented, “YES WE ARE!! 💕” as other celebrities, ranging from Jennifer Garner to Kate Hudson, flooded the comment sections. Alongside Aniston in the pics is her hairstylist, Chris McMillan. 

Jennifer Aniston‘s return to The Morning Show has been highly anticipated ever since the season one finale aired in December 2019. (Can you believe it’s been more than a year already?!) “There is something about how the show works, and it’s now been made very clear, at least for the first two seasons,” Aniston told Deadline in August about next season’s storylines. “We had a good portion of season one outlined-ish. And you know, we were still dealing with the human ills, racism, inequality, ageism, and the feuds that go on behind the scenes of these mom-and-pops that we see every morning, but then #MeToo happened.”

She continued, “So then that was another layer to the cake that had to be added into the whole story, and it just made it that much more exciting and current. So, for season two, the same thing. We had a good six or maybe seven outlines already done, and we were in the middle of shooting [episodes] one and two. And then there was just this feeling, and I couldn’t put my finger on it, and the producers couldn’t put their finger on it, but it was like something’s missing and I don’t know what it is. And then the COVID crisis happened.”

It’s safe to say the second season will also be inspired by real-life events. Who else is counting down the days until the premiere?


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