Jazmine Sullivan and Eric Church’s Rendition of the National Anthem Was Stunning


Sullivan released her latest collection of music, Heaux Tales, in early January 2021. “I actually didn’t know it would get this response,” she told Glamour about its release. “Because it was an EP, I didn’t know how people would respond to the tales. For me, they were the meat of the project and a huge part of why I even wanted to do this. I needed these stories told. They are personal stories. These are my best friends and members of my family. It started off so small—literally just our regular conversations. I knew it was special to me, but I didn’t know how deep it would be to other women.”

She continued, “But I get it. Our stories aren’t told enough—or at all. We don’t have a lot to be able to say, ‘Oh, that’s me right there.’ Or, ‘That’s my story, and I relate to that.’ Or even, ‘That’s not my story, and I want to know more.’ We don’t have enough stories as Black women. I’m happy people are feeling it on a different level outside of the music.” 

This year’s Super Bowl looks a little different this year because of the coronavirus, but it’s comforting we still got a dazzling national anthem performance. Congrats, Jazmine Sullivan and Eric Church!


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