Janet Jackson FaceTimed the UCLA Gymnast Who Did a Viral Routine Set to Her Music

Well, this is just the sweetest. On February 20, UCLA gymnast Margzetta Frazier got a call from the one and only Janet Jackson, who praised Frazier’s recent routine set to classic Janet tunes. (The floor set recently went viral.)

“I have to tell you…I keep telling you this, I keep saying, you’re incredible,” the pop icon told the young gymnast in a semi-surprise call posted on February 20. Per Yahoo! Sports, Frazier knew she’d be speaking to someone from Jackson’s team but didn’t know it would be the singer herself. Talking to the woman she called “my hero,” Frazier got a little choked up.

Jackson told Frazier, “What started that [was] a friend sent me this video. And it was a video of you, and the routine you did. And when I watched it, I began to cry. And I was so thankful to God for all that He has allowed me to do, and given me. And just to see the work that I’ve done, the young generation still having fun with it the way that I did and still do, 35 years later.”

Frazier’s floor routine incorporates Jackson’s signature dance moves as well as the legend’s music. “I think you are incredible,” Jackson told Frazier. “I think you are beautiful. You’re so beautiful! The routine you did was excellent; you did it perfectly!’

To this, Frazier said, “Thank you, I was studying.” Jackson added that she’d “love to be able to tumble like you; it’s gonna take a minute, though.” The two then made tentative plans to meet up for a chat and/or a tumbling lesson the next time Jackson visits Los Angeles. Please film that, queens!

After the call, Frazier wrote on Twitter, “Feeling so incredibly blessed and honored. Wow. The Bruins did great tonight! Thank you for sending us your beautiful energy! Today was a dream come true. So amazing meeting you.” 

Janet Jackson had previously posted a video of Margzetta Frazier’s routine to Instagram, writing, “#iLuvIT @margzetta!!!! 🖤🖤🖤.” Frazier commented on the post with a series of crying emojis. Gotta love when crying emojis become a face-to-face, heart-to-heart, cry-to-cry.

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