Ivanka Trump Accidentally Tags Meat Loaf in a Photo With Her Dad


A photo of President Donald Trump with his daughter Ivanka Trump is going viral for a hilarious reason. 

Here’s what happened. On January 4, Ivanka posted a pic of herself and President Trump to Twitter, writing, “Off to Georgia with Dad! Get out and VOTE Georgia!!! 🇺🇸” In the pic she tagged @GOP, @KLoeffler, @Perduesenate, and @Scavino45. But she also accidentally tagged @RealMeatLoaf. Feel free to read that again; it gets a little more ridiculous each time you think about it. 

You’re probably thinking about a certain dish you eat for dinner, but the account actually belongs to the singer Meat Loaf. Ivanka was attempting to encourage voters to support Georgia Republican incumbents Kelly Loeffler, who recently lost to Democratic candidate Raphael Warnock, and David Perdue, who’s projected to lose to Jon Ossoff. But, of course, all anyone can think about now is Meat Loaf. 

Twitter users were quick to point out that Ivanka tagged Meat Loaf but not President Trump himself. “Ivanka Trump accidentally tagging MeatLoaf instead of her dad is the best thing to have happened in 2021 so far,” consultant Andrew Bloch wrote.

CNN’s D.J. Judd pointed out this is by no means the weirdest thing to happen in politics recently. “One assumes Ivanka Trump did not mean to tag Grammy winning musical artist Meat Loaf in the selfie she took with the President aboard AF1, en route to tonight’s rally in GA, but at this point in the cycle a surprise Meat Loaf appearance wouldn’t even be *today’s* weirdest thing,” he tweeted.

You might think Ivanka would delete the photo and repost it, but no. She’s just letting it stay there as Twitter continues to poke fun. (The pic on Instagram, however, does not have a Meat Loaf tag.) 

You just can’t make this stuff up.

Paulina Jayne Isaac is a writer and editor based in New Jersey. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @paulinajayne15.


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