It Sure Looks Like Billie Eilish Just Got a Short, Shaggy Bob


A hair chameleon if ever there was one, Billie Eilish never sits with one hairstyle for too long; instead, she keeps things exciting. That time she dyed her previously black and green hair platinum blonde, for one, nearly broke the internet. And her last look, the wolf cut, spurred a whole craze for what was previously a niche hairstyle.

Now the singer has done it again. In a video posted on Instagram with the caption “gone,” Eilish finger-tousles her new hairstyle, which falls an inch below her chin, just above her shoulders.

With lots of grit and texture and that now signature choppy fringe, Billie’s bob frames her face with lots of layers and movement and is very reminiscent of hairstyles from the ’70s and ’80s. Which seems like what she was going for since Eilish referenced a picture of her “mama” in her Instagram Stories. 

With her ultra-cool look, the “Bad Guy” singer is clearly feeling herself, proclaiming she “loves it.” Keep an eye on this one–it’s soon to be everywhere.

This post originally appeared on Vogue U.K.


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