Is ‘Shadow and Bone’ on Netflix Getting a Season 2? Here’s What We Know


Warning: Spoilers ahead. 

Shadow and Bone on Netflix has been taking the world by storm since its April 23 release. After only four days of streaming, fans are already hoping the show gets a season two

The series, based on the popular Grisha novel trilogy, focuses on dark forces conspiring against teenage orphan Alina Starkov, who possesses a unique and powerful gift: the ability to create light. The power is strong enough to potentially free her country in their war-torn world (no pressure).

Netflix has yet to officially announce a second season. However, the What’s on Netflix site reports it’s been renewed. (What’s on Netflix , for the unfamiliar, is a reputable source for TV show news.) It’s previously accurately reported Ozark, Finx, and The Winx Club season renewals before the official announcement.

Here’s everything we know so far about what to expect for the likely second season:

Filming. Since Netflix hasn’t announced the second season, we’re unsure if filming has begun. The series is still new, so the next season will likely get released in 2022 at the earliest. So, there’s still plenty of time before they begin filming.

Season two will (presumably) focus on the next book in the Grisha trilogy. Siege and Storm will continue to focus on Alina battling against The Fold. Viewers will discover that General Kirigan didn’t die. Unfortunately for Alina, his powers become even stronger, and he will still be the villain.

Newcomer Jessie Mei Li (who portrays Alina) is optimistic about a second season and wants to see Alina’s army battle Kirigan’s shadow soldiers. “I’d love to see how that manifests and how that affects her,” they tell in an April 26 interview. “Obviously we’ve seen the effects of merzost in the show on Kirigan and his black veins and everything. And Alina’s hair is meant to turn white.”

They continue, “I’d be interested to see how gruesome that is. Maybe it will take much more of a darker tone—that’d be quite cool to explore. In my head when I read the books, I imagined Alina’s hair to turn gray, actually—not in a beautiful, flowing way, like in an ill way. I’d be really interested to see how that would turn out.”

The first season cast members are on board for another season. Sujaya Dasgupta, who plays a Squaller named Zoya Nazyalensky, is excited to continue Zoya’s journey. “[Zoya] goes on a real journey,” Dasgupta tells Collider. “It’s just nice as an actor as well to kind of delve into it and just see where she starts and it’s just a richer arc for her.”


It’s unknown whether or not all the books will get a season. The trilogy’s author, Leigh Bardugo, would love to see all of the books in the universe adapted for the small screen. “Just have a limitless budget, honestly. All the money they gave to The Witcher,” Bardugo tells with a laugh, referencing Netflix’s massive hit. “I want to see the whole story, and I know that’s crazy. I know it’s unlikely. I don’t think it would take seven seasons to get us through seven books. I would love to see the whole story unspool. I think that would be something special.”

Shadow and Bone is now on Netflix


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