‘I Want You Back’ Stars Jenny Slate and Charlie Day on the Most Romantic Thing They’ve Ever Done

Charlie: Or maybe proposing to my wife was a romantic moment. We like to look for seashells on the beach, and we were in Mexico and all the shells…. I had a ring in my pocket. I’m so nervous I was going to hide a ring in a shell and say, “Oh, look what’s in this shell.” But the waves were so violent that all the shells were crushed. It was like dust. I did find one just big enough to squeeze that ring into, and then I tried to fumble it in. Mary Elizabeth was like, “What are you doing?” “Are you breaking—” ”No here, look inside it.”

Jenny: Oh geez. Yeah, I like to say that the most romantic thing I’ve done is pushing a baby out of my very own vagina while wearing a mask during a pandemic. But I’m just a die-hard romantic.

Charlie: That’s dedication.

Jenny: Yep.

Charlie: My father-in-law hid an engagement ring in a garbage can, in, like, a dumpster, and said, “Oh Judy, look at this dumpster over here.”

Jenny: Wow. Why did he do that?

Charlie: I don’t know, but they’re still married.

The classic garbage proposal.

Charlie: Yeah, it worked!

Well, what’s something that everyone seems to love but you dislike?

Jenny: I don’t like reality TV. I don’t like what it is. I don’t like what it’s doing to culture.

Charlie: All reality TV?

Jenny: No, no, no. I like the ones like the baking ones, or where there’s a skill involved. I don’t like the ones that just, like, encourage women to argue with each other. I think that that is not great for what we’re trying to do.

Charlie: If it’s a competition or a game show, that’s okay?

Jenny: Oh, like The Amazing Race? Great. Go for it. Do it. The British baking people are baking all their cakes. Go bake your cakes. That’s what I always say. I always just say, “Go and bake your cakes.” That’s going to be the name of my autobiography.

Charlie: What do people like that I don’t like? I don’t know. I like a lot of things. Maybe I’m getting tired of the superhero movies. I like them, but let’s just take a break.

Jenny: You’re right.

Charlie: Let’s take a five-year break.

Jenny: For sure. Let’s get a little more of, like, The Fugitive.

Charlie: Unless they want to cast me in one and then, you know.

Jenny: The lady at Marvel is like, “I wonder… Oh, you’re good? Got it.”

Charlie: “He doesn’t want to do it!”

Jenny: “He doesn’t want it. I don’t want to bother him.”

Well, if you were in one, you’d bring new ideas that would make it fresh…right?

Charlie: If I was in them, then they’d be great.

Jenny: I agree.

Okay, one last question. Fill in the blank: I love when my partner…

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