How Camila Cabello Sleeps At Night


Mental wellness and getting a good night’s sleep are inextricably intertwined. That’s the philosophy of Camila Cabello, the chart topping, platinum recording artist set to star in a new adaptation of Cinderella out later this year. “Circadian rhythm is a real thing,” she says. “I try to not go to sleep after 10:30. When I go to sleep later than midnight, I tend to get worse quality sleep, even if I sleep the same amount.”

But unwinding after a long day, especially with an inconsistent schedule, is easier said than done. That’s when Cabello turns to Calm, the meditation app she’s partnered with to release her first original audio series called “Breathe Into It.” Over 13 sessions, Cabello dives into her own journey with mental wellness and the importance of mindfulness in her sleep routine. (When she can’t sleep, her go-to is Tamara Levitt’s guided meditation on the Calm app.)

Podcasts actually play a big role in Cabello’s sleep routine. “When I can’t sleep, I will put on a cooking podcast called ‘Home Cooking’—something neutral that engages me but also doesn’t make me emotional, so I can get tired again and go back to sleep if I want to,” she says. “There’s also ‘Poetry Unbound,’ which reads a poem and dissects it. The host is incredible.”

With her crazy schedule, we asked Cabello for the full breakdown of how she unwinds and gets into a calm headspace before bed.

The night time skincare trick I swear by

An uplifting and depuffing face roller—I put it in my freezer during the day. 

I sleep in…

A big t-shirt and some shorts.

What’s currently on my nightstand

My iPad, the books I’m currently reading—Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari and Three Women by Lisa Taddeo—and my hydro flask.

Hydro Flask 32-Ounce Wide-Mouth

“Sapiens” by Yuval Noah Harari

“Three Women” by Lisa Taddeo

Of all the books I’ve read this year, this one has really stuck with me. Journalist Lisa Taddeo follows three women across the country over the course of a decade for a can’t-put-it-down look at female desire. As one friend put it, it’s the bodice ripper you won’t be embarrassed to read on the subway. 

Before bed I…

I watch the “Great British Baking Show” lately before bed.

The bedtime investments that are totally worth it

An essential oil diffuser with oils and a sound machine that plays white noise.

Hatch Restore Sound Machine

Aroma Gem Matte White Diffuser


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