Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Boards Are Now a Thing, and They Look Delicious


Dessert fans, rejoice: hot cocoa charcuterie boards are now a thing, and they look damn delicious. 

What are hot cocoa charcuterie boards, you ask? Well, picture your average charcuterie board filled with meat, cheeses, and other salty snacks, and swap them for all things sweet. I’m talking everything you need to make the perfect cup of hot cocoa: marshmallows, chocolates, cookies, assorted candies, little cakes, chocolate-covered pretzels, the list goes on and on. All the treats are presented on a board like you would charcuterie, just with a holiday twist. It’s basically a sugar lover’s dream and a dentist’s nightmare. 

Instagram is currently filled with pics of hot cocoa charcuterie boards if you want inspiration. But if you’d rather just buy one, you’re in luck. A small Instagram account, Hot Chocolate Charcuterie, is selling boards in the Santa Rosa, California area: 

If you don’t live there, another account, Oakville Charcuterie, is offering shipments around Canada and the United States. Just look at how incredible this board looks! I’ll take 12, please. 

Hot cocoa charcuterie boards are simply where we’re at in 2020. I don’t want just a measly cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows anymore. That won’t do! I’m not the same person I was in January; none of us are. The new dessert standard is a dessert spread: A King Henry VIII-esque presentation of Christmas Little Debbies, peppermint sticks, and gingerbread cookies. A Golden Corral buffet covered in milk chocolate and tinsel, ran by Santa Claus himself. Throw your cardboard cocoa cup in the trash and don’t settle for anything less than an opulent display of seasonal treats. Then eat them lying horizontal on your couch with The Holiday blasting. Lather, rinse, and repeat for the rest of the year. It’s what each and everyone one of us deserves. 


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