Hilary Duff, Mandy Moore, Ashley Tisdale, and Meghan Trainor Had a Playdate With Their Kids


Guess our invitation got lost in the mail? Hilary Duff just hosted an adorable playdate for a bunch of celebrity moms and their babies, complete with a music class and, we’d imagine, a lot of bonding over the whole having-a-newborn-during-a-pandemic thing.

Ashley Tisdale posted Instagram Stories from the get-together, showing all the babies on colorful blankets. Basic wooden instruments provided the building blocks for a “music class” with Sweet Potato Music L.A., Leah Paul’s “play-based class…that emphasizes early musical skill building and fun,” per Instagram.


Tisdale’s own daughter, Jupiter, got (lovingly) called out for her attitude by Hilary Duff, who posted a picture of the little one giving the “side eye” to Duff’s own daughter, Mae. Caption this pic:


Obviously, pop star Meghan Trainor was excited to share her passion with her young son, who looked pretty chilled out in a group photo. He’s on the grass in the shade, and he’s a baby. Life’s good! “Thank you, @SweetPotatoMusicLA for our first music class,” she wrote on IG. (Please collab with Hilary and Mandy, Meg! We need the bop ASAP!)


This Is Us star Mandy Moore brought her son, August Harrison Goldsmith, a longtime friend of Mae’s (well, relatively, in baby terms). Moore and Duff got their kids together when Mae was just five weeks old. It truly takes a village.

Also in attendance were Janice Gott and makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan Fisher, whose child, Poppy, should be a model already. Look at this baby finding the camera lens! Babies can’t do that! What a pro!


If you’re trying to put together an invite list for your next famous baby get together, we’ve got you covered with a roundup of all the stars who welcomed children this year, plus the celebrities who announced they’re expecting little ones soon. Too cute!


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