Here’s Why the Internet-Famous Hydro Flask Is Worth the Hype


After purchasing one of my own, it wasn’t hard to see why celebs were attached at the underarm with their Hydro Flasks. It’s lightweight, smooth to the touch, and pleasing to the eye (and iPhone camera)—and at this point, I’d pretty much consider the 32 oz. model my child. As millennials have less and less kids, offspring are being replaced with house plants, air fryers, and hydration hacks such as this immaculate container. 

Call me an almost-30-year-old fervently typing a Hydro Flask review (okay, that is what I am)—but this was hands-down my best purchase of that beyond shitty year. No matter what corner of my apartment I was in, it was there, nursing me with its flip-up straw that delivered H20 on the daily (and helped to diminish some of those pesky blemishes).

Thanks to its aesthetically pleasing design and wide-mouth top that not only allows me to use ice but also keeps me from showering myself and my laptop with water mid-Zoom, it’s worth keeping around for life (which is extra easy thanks to the bottle’s lifetime warranty). The mega-brand (first birthed in Bend, OR in 2008) has extended its offerings to vessels for coffee, booze, and even food—and there’s a color for every kind of palette. I went with a muted blue-lavender, dubbed Fog, which was a soothing addition to my otherwise chaotic desk space—but they also make brightly-colored bottles akin to Jonah Hill’s pink hair—Rolex not included.

Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Water Bottle

Hydro Flask Water Bottle 40 oz.

Whether you’re purging your skinny jeans collection or holding onto that side part for dear life, trust me when I say this social media fave is worth the hype. The pandemic isn’t done with us yet, but at least I can stay home and stay hydrated. This stainless steel companion definitely doesn’t sub for human connection, but you can rest assured that it will never leave you on read.

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