Here’s How Angelina Jolie Says Her Kids Make Her Cry on Mother’s Day


Reminder: Mother’s Day (in the United States) is May 9. If you haven’t ordered flowers yet, you might want to get on that. However, if you’re one of Angelina Jolie’s kids, you’re probably already working on something.

The star of the upcoming The Eternals recently told Extra that her six kids, whom she shares with ex Brad Pitt, are, well, extra when it comes to the holiday. They go above and beyond, working together to make the day special. “It does mean a lot to moms, so try not to forget it… My kids have always been amazing at Mother’s Day. The fun for me is that I don’t plan anything, I don’t do anything, and they all tend to work together to surprise me with something,” she revealed.

For Jolie, part of the fun is that Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne, and Knox are all involved in whatever the surprise is. “It is just the knowing that they are doing something together, and thinking of something together, and that they want to,” the Maleficent star said.


In fact, Angelina Jolie’s kids plan the day with a goal in mind: make mom cry. In a good way. “They think it is important [to] always makes me cry,” Jolie said. “They always joke about how quickly it makes me cry. They will laugh at how many times I cry in the day or how quickly I cry… ‘Oh, there she goes…’” Honestly, that’s so sweet! 

In addition to The Eternals, Jolie stars in the upcoming firefighter thriller Those Who Wish Me Dead. For an actor who cut her teeth on stunt-heavy roles like Lara Croft, it was a bit of a homecoming to find herself fighting again. “I’ve been very lucky. It’s a bit of therapy. I’ve gotten to step into roles like this when I’ve needed to start swinging again,” she said of her return to blockbusters. Well dang, now you’re gonna make me cry.


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