‘Halston’ on Netflix Looks Sexy, Glamorous, and Dramatic as Hell—Watch the First Trailer

Halston on Netflix, the new miniseries about the legendary fashion designer who ruled the 1970s, looks glossy, sexy, and dramatic as hell—exactly what we’ve come to expect from a Ryan Murphy joint. The first trailer dropped on May 3, and it’s good

Set to “Enjoy the Silence” by Depeche Mode, the teaser takes us into the glamorous and artistic scene at Studio 54, where the only thing more important than looking great was…doing drugs, apparently. Ewan McGregor plays Halston (birth name Roy Halston Frowick), a visionary with an egomaniacal streak, from the looks of it. At the beginning of the trailer, he’s struggling to find his signature style, but after teaming up with the likes of Liza Minnelli (Broadway’s Krysta Rodriguez), he ascends to the height of the fashion scene. Of course, the trailer is full of fabulous clothes and interesting visuals; this is a show about style, after all.

According to People, this series will cover the designer’s epic rise and drug-fueled downfall, including his billion-dollar J.C. Penney deal, a move that at the time was thought to tarnish his brand but has since been replicated by hundreds of other designers. Every time you see a DKNY for Target collection or another similar collaboration, thank Halston.

McGregor, however, hadn’t heard of the man until he was approached to play him. “To find out that he was so massively famous in his time, and I had never heard of him—that didn’t make much sense to me,” he admitted to The Hollywood Reporter, recalling, “I could tell instantly from the photographs that I wanted to play him…. I could just feel it. There’s something about the way you can see that he holds himself, something behind his eyes. There’s something so intriguing about him as a character.”

Halston debuts on Netflix May 14.

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